Ethiopia Fully Washed Gera Djimma G1

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Producers contributing to Qoree station coffee cultivate semi-forested farms and deliver selectively handpicked cherry to Qoree washing station.

This coffee is rich in florals & fruit aroma, with notes of cocoa & citrus.

COFFEE GRADE:  Lalisaa Gera Djimma Fully Washed Gr. 1
FARM/COOP/STATION:  Qoree Washing Station
VARIETAL:  JARC varieties , Local Landraces
PROCESSING:  Fully washed
ALTITUDE:  1,975 meters above sea level
OWNER:  Farmers delivering to Qoree Washing Station
REGION:  Djimma
FARM SIZE:  1 hectare on average
HARVEST MONTHS:  Low elevations: October - December | High Elevations: November - January

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