1st Installations explained

This section lists out the various combination of BRITA professional cartridges or single use BRITA professional cartridges available.  Each have been identified as suitable for HK waters and have specific tasks.


All the systems mentioned are setup and available for inspection including tasting at our site.  You can even bring along your own coffee & try it with different water.


With each installation, we measure and tag the site for a) the characteristics of the incoming water and b) the characteristics of the filtered water out.

Recorded measurements at present: 

TDS; Total Alk; Ca; Mg; TH; So4; Cl; TDS; Chl free; Nacl; Temp; LSI. 

Note the card above that will be installed at site.


 A 1st time installation means either;

1:  No filtration system is currently installed


2:  There is an existing filtration system installed and you want to replace it with a BRITA


3:  There is a combination of both the above and you want an additional system installed to perform a specific task.


Feel free to call or book an appointment and come see us to discuss your situation.