HERO+ (Optimal setting for Espresso & Soft Brew)


System description: 

Hero+ is a water seasoning system that incorporates 2 BRITA filters plumbed in series.

They work together to attack CATIONS from the incoming water. 

Exchanging hydrogen ions to lower the water PH off highs of 8.3@25 deg C (HK water) down to basic. 

Stripping back CATIONS further to reduce incoming water Total Hardness to help minimize scale in hot water equipment downstream such as espresso machine and brew towers.    

The filters both contain activated carbon reducing near all Free Chlorine.

With the above occurrence, espresso extraction is enhanced & flavor notes significantly more pronounced.  

With regards to the above figures, conditions do apply as water supply systems can vary between areas and piping to sites contain unwanted elements that influence the water readings. 

Please, therefore consult us for further information and talk about water at your location.  We have a system setup and operating for inspection at our Roastary & lab facility and can also arrange basic onsite tests.  Call us to make an appointment.   


kits available are:

1st installation kit includes both Cartridge, 2 x head & 2 x mounting bracket assy.: 


Both seasoning cartridges have different size options and can be discussed further during our water assessment.