'HERO' (set your own PH!)

Recommended use:

Is for coffee.  Allows you to adjust the water PH to alter extraction for different coffee roast levels. 


System description:  PH Hero is a setup using 2 BRITA filters in parallel & 1 pinpoint accurate PH control valve mechanism 'Inteli Bypass' technology by BRITA.

The pinpoint control of the Inteli Bypass technology allows you to adjust the water PH to suit your requirements. 

Tests on Hong Kong water that have standard readings of approx. 8.0 PH, can be controlled (adjusted down to) between 6 & 7.2 PH.

Conditions do apply to the above quoted figures, for example water supply systems can contain unwanted elements that influence the water PH readings. 

Please, therefore consult us for further information about your system.  We have a system setup and operating for inspection and we can also arrange basic onsite tests.  All can be made by calling us and making an appointment.   

Two benefits of HERO filtration, according to our testing is:

a)  Peace of mind for those who want their water basic (PH 7.0).

b)  Our testing finds for espresso, the best setting for clean flavors and extraction is 6.5 PH.  This is unachievable with most filtration system setups.