Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Triple Picked G1

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Mandheling Sumatra Triple Picked G1

For many people, Indonesian coffee is the odd one out and a complicated origin to really understand. Judged from the clear Central American coffee frame of reference, this might be no surprise. But when you set aside the taste reference of other origins, that’s when you can truly appreciate the typical deep, rustic and sweet character of Indonesian coffees, and specifically Sumatra Mandheling coffee. The country has good growing conditions with suitable altitude, fertile soils and temperature, albeit with a troublesome humid climate. Since Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of about 17,500 islands, the country has fascinating biodiversity with various microclimates.



Taste Notes:

Full body | Spices & dark fruits sweetness l Cocoa / Chocolate aftertaste

Freshness, different roasts, for different brew methods

Roasted weekly here in Hong Kong, we reckon our coffee is tasting best within one month of the roast date, although two months is still good. Refer to the "Roasted On Date" on the bottom of the bag. Therefore we'd suggest you purchase smaller amounts, more regularly. Oh, and don't put your coffee in the air-tight container in the cupboard is what you need.

For the best tasting coffee, pick the right roast for your brew method.

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