Cobblestone Blend

Cobblestone Blend

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Specialty coffee roasted for automatic machines

By harnessing the fresh, superior flavor of specialty coffee and reliability of automated brewing, good coffee can be had anywhere, by everyone. We've created a custom blend to enhance the mechanics of an automated coffee machine, for best use in your office, or restaurant. Redback has paired the Franke equipment with Cobblestone Blend to showcase best practice for automated machines.

We've developed at roasts to keep your office happy- a more traditional espresso style.

Taste Note:
Roasted Nuts Aroma, Smooth, and Medium Body, Chocolaty. 
Current Blend:  
The blend changes as the supply of seasonal coffee do. Cobblestone Blend is made up of:  
  • Brazil:  Santa Serra, Natural process.  Density 390 g/l
  • Sumatra Mandehling:  Wet Hull process.  Density 380 g/l

Cobblestone is designed to work in & is optimal for automatic machines.

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