Cornerstone Blend

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Redback Coffee's signature blend

Our 'Cornerstone' blend is balanced with very low to no acidity.  The coffee gives off great sweetness, notes of chocolate in a clean cup. Cornerstone is a medium roast (measuring 420 g/l or color 58 blended). 

Designed to make a beautiful milk coffee and a classic rich chocolate espresso.

Current blend:

Brazil:  Cascvala Natural Pulped
Colombia Huitaca:  Washed (2 roast levels)


Freshness, different roasts, for different brew methods

Roasted weekly here in Hong Kong, we reckon our coffee is tasting best within 4 weeks of the roast date.  Refer to the "Roasted On Date" on the back of the bag. We  suggest you purchase in smaller amounts, more regularly.  Store your coffee in a air-tight container in the cupboard. 

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