SPECIAL - 4 bags x 250g. From Mar 1st 2022 through to May 31st 2022.

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Included is:

A)  Colombia Narino Finca La Loma Gabriel Espinoza Washed: 

-  Bag size is 250g.

-  There are 2 roast levels to choose from, they are; 430 g/l suits espresso & 500 g/l suits softbrew use.

- Gabriel Espinoza grew up around coffee production. Today, he lives with his wife and their 2 children in their house on Finca La Loma.

After purchasing Finca La Loma in 2007, he began planting Geisha, the coveted high-scoring coffee variety, in 2016. The high altitude of Finca La Loma – 1,920 meters above sea level – provide prime conditions for cultivating the delicate Geisha.

Medium body; Juicy mouthfeel; complex flavor, delicate florals & stonefruit. 

Your choice!


B)  PAPA Blend:

-  Bag size is 250g.

-  Roasted to 400 g/l this blend suits espresso. 

The blend is, Ethiopia Guji Kercha Natural, Brazil Cascavel Verde, Colombia Andino washed & Uganda Kasse Mubuk Natural.  

Tasting:  Complex aroma of darker fruits & Sugar cane sweetness.  Taste of nuts & chocolate, Plum, & dried fruit.  Is Juicy with medium body.


Write in the order notes section:

- The 4 bags of coffee you'd like

-  Write the roast g/l level for the Colombia either 430 g/l or 500 g/l 

-  Indicate whether for self pickup from our San Po Kong Roastery or Cyberport coffee counter .

Offer is valid until May 31 st 2022.