Fiorenzato XGi Evo Pro

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Advanced technologies offering superior performance!

Keeping ahead of times, means being the 1st to offer solutions required in the market to make the perfect cup of coffee!

Through innovation, Fiorenzato offers advanced and efficient grinders with exceptional performance and ease of use.  The secret?

The transfer of industrial grinder technology to coffee-shop grinders. 

Each grinder is able to ensure precision and consistency, reduce consumption, run silent whilst offering exceptional reliability all the time.


The best tailored technology for your espresso bar!

In order to obtain a quality espresso the coffee dose needs to be constant.

Fiorenzato patented an exclusive system to perfect the dose all the time.


The XGi grinder-dosers, requirie 'a one-time setting' of the coffee dose to be dispensed.  Its calculated in grams and remains constantly accurate!