PaPa Blend

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Redbacks' new blend for strong chocolate in milk flavor

'PAPA' blend gives off amazing sweetness with strong chocolate taste in both milk and softer as a black coffee.  

Current blend:

Brazil:  Cascvala Pulped Natural

Ethiopia:  Ethiopia Gera FW G1  

Uganda:  Natural SL14 Varietal 1,300 to 2,030 masl

Colombia:  Washed

Freshness - different roast level options - for different people & brew methods

Roasted weekly here in Hong Kong, we reckon our coffee tastes best within 4 weeks of the roast date indicated on the bag. 

We recommend you purchase smaller qty's of roasted coffee more regularly than large qty's at once.  This will help with taste consistency. 

For storage if required after opened, we recommend using an air-tight container & place in a cool dry place.

It's important you choose the right roast style for:

a) your brew method

b) your preferred level of fruitiness & lightness vs darker, richer flavor notes. 

At Redback Coffee we use a scale (density g/l) to measure the level of a coffee roasted.  We share this measurement with you.  The measurement is our roast target that allows us to repeat a particular taste profile as it correlates with either lighter & fruity flavors out to the darker & deeper & richer flavor notes of a coffee.     


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