Selected and roasted with care 

We are a specialty coffee roaster passionate about delivering exceptional tasting coffee.


We 'build quality' into the sourcing and roasting process vs tasting at the end of roasting !


So we select the right green coffee, master the roast profile of each coffee individually for taste; ensure it's repeatable & only then do we release a coffee. 


With this approach we achieve an exceptional tasty coffee that's repeatable.


Founded in 2015 by Keith Regan, Craig Jackson & Scottie Callaghan, Redbacks' vision is that coffee will become significantly more personal & selective.  Not unlike the trajectory of wine & craft beer.

The mission is therefore to make available a tasty selection of coffee & enable people to drink great coffee anywhere, anytime!  Technology will play a significant role, as will education of both coffee drinkers & the people working at Redback.   


Call us today to talk about your preferences and challenges in getting what you want from coffee.