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System description: 

'Hero-R' is our new premium water seasoning system that incorporates 2 x different BRITA filters plumbed in series.

They work together to attack CATIONS from the incoming water. 

BRITAs' Quell cartridge exchanges hydrogen ion with TH Cations & does amongst other things, reduces the PH level of the water down off highs (approx 8.3@25 deg C - HK water) to levels close to basic.  This is variable to aid tuning. 

BRITAs' Finest cartridge strips back more of the CATIONS (Ca & Mg), reduces Chloride levels from the incoming water.  TH readings are then reduced to levels that help minimize scale in a hot water system e.g. espresso machines and brew towers.    

The filters both contain activated carbon reducing Chlorine levels in water just before use.

With the above occurrences, espresso extraction is optimized with significant enhancements to the flavor notes of coffee.  

With regards to the above figures, conditions do apply as water supply systems can vary between areas and piping to some sites contain unwanted elements that influence the water readings. 

Please, therefore consult us for further information and to talk about the water at your location.  We have systems setup and operating for inspection at our Roastery & lab facility and also have mobile equipment for onsite tests & demonstrations.  Call us to make an appointment.   


An example of the kits available are:

1st installation kit; containing both Cartridge types mentioned above as well, 2 x mounting heads and their mounting bracket assemblies. 


Both seasoning cartridges have different sizes available and can be discussed further during our discussions and water assessment.

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