Cornerstone Blend

By Redback Coffee

Redback Coffee's signature blend for Hong Kong


Our 'Cornerstone' blend is a fruit bomb of coffees that as an espresso with balanced acidity gives off amazing sweetness, chocolate, plum and blueberry in a clean cup. Cornerstone is a medium roast, roasted to the very beginning of second crack. Designed to make a beautiful milk coffee and a classic rich chocolate espresso. 


Current blend


The blend changes as the supply of seasonal coffee does. Cornerstone is made up of:


Brazil- Yellow Bourbon, Natural
Sumatra- Mandheling, Wet Hulled
Colombia- Andino, Grade One
Ethiopia- Sidamo region G1, Natural


Freshness, different roasts, for different brew methods


Roasted weekly here in Hong Kong, we reckon our coffee is tasting best within one month of the roast date, although two months is still good. Refer to the "Roasted On Date" on the bottom of the bag. Therefore we'd suggest you purchase smaller amounts, more regularly. Oh, and don't put your coffee in the air-tight container in the cupboard is what you need.


For the best tasting coffee, pick the right roast for your brew method.


Espresso Roast  Soft Brew Roast

Espresso machine

Stove Top

V60, Chemex, French Press, AeroPress, filter, Syphon Coffee, Clever Dripper
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