1st installation kits. 'BOOST MINUP'

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System description: 

BOOST is replenishing cartridge fitted in series downstream of a Reverse Osmosis Installation.

Such is case with a lot of office installations in Hong Kong, the Reverse Osmosis installation has stripped the water 'bare' and is tasteless (metallic).  Due the structure of the new water, when used with coffee, extraction is poor!

Further information:

With HK water having low TH, CATIONS that give taste and body to water have all been stripped and PH readings typically low.   These two aspects combined mean the water is not often ideal tasting and performs poorly with coffee extraction.

MINUP installed after the Reverse Osmosis system and before the drinking faucet or coffee machine re-invigorates the water.  CATIONS replaced, PH returned to basic.


Closing remarks:

The above quoted readings have conditions.  For example some water supply systems can contain unwanted elements that impact both TH and PH readings. 

Please, therefore consult us for further information about your system.  We have a BOOST system setup and operating and is available for inspection according to pre-made appointments.  Contact us to visit our facility or check your water.    

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