1st Installation kit 'AWESOME'

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'Awesome 'is the selection of many for drinking water!

The taste is sweet, clean & refreshing with great body. 

The filter used is made by BRITA and the model is called 'Finest'. 

The technology of Finest sees the incoming water 1st pass through filtration that captures large sediment particles. 

The water then passes through a bed of resin that removes nearly all material that normally makes up total hardness.

The water then passes through activated carbon polishing the taste of the water.

And lastly the water passes through a fleece to collect the finest of remaining particles. 

Finest Cartridge, head & mounting bracket assemby assembly:

- 1 x Brita Intelibypass head assy

- 1 x wall mount bracket for the assembly

- 1 x Finest cartridge (C300 is recommended, other sizes available upon request).


Other information: 

  • Maximum operating pressure: 8.6 bar
  • Operating position: vertical
  • See the data sheets for more details.

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