Plumbing kit 'STEAM'

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Function and Application:

The BRITA PURITY Steam water filter system optimises tap water specially for combi-ovens and conventional ovens.

It decarbonates drinking water, thereby reducing scale deposits in and on the terminal equipment.

Depending on the bypass setting, calcium and magnesium ions as well as metal ions such as lead and copper are selectively removed from the drinking water.

In addition, the filter material not only reduces turbidity and organic impurities but also substances that impair smell and taste, such as chlorine.

The bypass setting, which is specially designed for combi-ovens and conventional ovens, matches the reduction in the carbonate hardness to the local water hardness in order to achieve an optimum filtrate quality.   

The increased flow and the reduced pressure loss enable the smooth operation of the combi-oven.


Plumbing kit content:

-  2m 50cm JG 3/8 FP

-  2 x JG 3/8 FP x 3/8 BSPF

-  1 x 1/2 BSP adjustable pressure limit & non return valve

-  2 x fittings (suit APLV).  1 x brass fitting 3/8 FP by 1/2 BSP & 1 x JG fitting 3/8 FP by 1/2 BSP    

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