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The R NINE ONE was designed to bring the very best of commercial machine development to an application suitable for small commercial and home use - and here it is, enjoy !  

Thermal stability through Rocket's fully saturated group system design, coupled with a digital PID temperature that you control.

Independent Flow Circuit Controls:  Meaning the group water flow and steam boiler water are independent, each have their own pump.  

The group water flow is controlled by you through driving of a variable speed motor and it;s fixed displaced water pump.   This enables you to have infinite control of the the flow, pressure profiling follows and is in your hands as the operator.  Compared with nearly all conventional machines that have 'Pre or Post' infusion mechanical systems for coffee extraction.  

Pressure profiling can be obtained 2 ways;

1)  By a paddle control operated manually each time.  


2)  By you setting up own profiles (tracks) using the 5 step (pressure over over time) system.  these can then be activated simply by the push of a button no need for the paddle. All profiles (5+1) can be easily built and saved, easily recalled on the panel display in front.  No need for USB devices, or cables or other annoying load upload processes.   

The machine has direct water connection and built-in water reservoir for your option.

The R NINE ONE machine is designed to deliver spectacular results in the cup, through both stability and flexibility of control parameters.

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