Clean Machine Tablets 100 x 2.1g for Auto Machine

Clean Machine Tablets 100 x 2.1g for Auto Machine

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For keeping your coffee quality high

Specifically developed to fit in a broad range of brew unit chutes and be less prone to breaking in shipping than the thinner alternative. Under testing this tablet works equally as well in cleaning the brew unit without detriment to the machine. All of the cleaning tablet range has been tested on the machines for effective and safe cleaning, as long as the tablet can get into the brew unit through the grounds chute or designated tablet entry point.


        • 100 x 2.1g tablets.
        • Suits: Franke A200, Concordia, Swiss Egro, Reneka, Schaerer, WMF 1400, Stentorfield, Macco, Nuova Simonelli Microbar and most machines.
        • NSF certified to be safe on all materials and suitable for use with food and beverage equipment.
        • Will effectively clean and remove coffee oils and residue from the brewing chamber during any brew unit cleaning process.

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