Clean Machine Cleaning & Sanitiser 100g

Clean Machine Cleaning & Sanitiser 100g

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The go to all round cleaning product

MC239 offers a variety of solutions for the maintenance of coffee machines. This product has great cleaning characteristics on built up dairy and sugar based residue and is ideal for regulatory maintenance on your machine. It can also be used for soaking coffee crockery and for whitening.

Mixing Ratio

For regulatory maintenance use 1 tablespoon to 1litre of warm or cold water.


      • Dissolves readily in hot or cold water to produce a solution of high cleaning and bacteriological potency (although suggestion is for warm to cold water for dairy application). 
      • KIlls bad smells - displays complete chemical deodorising properties when used in areas subjected to bacterial odours.
      • Is remarkably free rinsing, leaves no residue or slipperiness, even when rinsing is not quite adequate.
      • Kills bacteria organisms on contact. 6gms per litre of water releases 100ppm chlorine.
      • Is safe: contains no solvents or caustic compounds, and is non-toxic. 
      • Unique action chemically destroys protein contamination faster and more efficiently than normal cleaning compounds.

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