'BOOST' (strip clean & rebuild ) Plumbing kit

'BOOST' (strip clean & rebuild ) Plumbing kit

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System description: 

BOOST is a setup using 2 BRITA filters in series & a pinpoint accurate Inteli Bypass filter head the technology of BRITA.

The system 1st strips out near all minerals that make up temporary hardness, reducing it approx 95%. 

Then through a 2nd cartridge, mineral is replaced to lift PH and TH in a controlled manner. 

Tests we've done using Hong Kong water which has standard readings are approx. 8.0 as PH @ 27deg C & a TH of approx 45ppm. 

With the BOOST setup, after strip back, MINUP returns TH to a controlled level of between 25 to 38ppm, with approx 8.0 PH @ 27 degrees C.

The above quoted readings have conditions.  For example some water supply systems can contain unwanted elements that impact both TH and PH readings. 

Please, therefore consult us for further information about your system.  We have a BOOST system setup and operating and is available for inspection according to pre-made appointments.  Contact us for a visit to our facility or book a time for us to visit you and check your water.    

The benefit of such a system, according to our water measurements & testing with coffee is:

a)  Nearly all TH is removed 'stripped' and replacement with a known mineral.

b)  Our tests finds for espresso & softbrew, BOOST is a superior & very stable solution for extraction.  Especially when seeking the specific reactions from extracting with low TH and higher PH levels.    

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