Subscription- Terms & Conditions

Flexibility for your subscription

If you wish to change the timing of your delivery, reduce or extend the intervals of your delivery, change or cancel the product- simply log into your account to do so. The dashboard presents you with multiple options including: 


  • Change the timing of your order;
  • Extend the interval of your order (e.g. 4 weeks to 3 weeks);
  • Change your credit card details, billing address, shipping address;
  • Update your product choice;
  • Skip a delivery; 
  • Cancel your subscription; and more.


Further note on Cancellation & Refund

If you wish to cease the service, please do so before your reoccurring charge date. This date is displayed in your dashboard. We will not offer a refund if you failed to cancel your order before the set date, and will send you the product as per scheduled.

We do not have a set period of subscription, e.g. 12 months, as we understand that circumstances change and want to offer flexibility. 

Please see our refund policy concerning product quality.