FRANKE A300 range

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' FRANKE autos with REDBACK coffee '

Enjoy amazing specialty coffee at the office or restaurant by pairing FRANKE's automated grind & brew machines with Redbacks' coffee roasted to specific density (g/l) for perfect extraction!


  • Interactive 8” touch screen:  Guides use intuitively and efficiently through drink selection.
  • Small footprint (587 L x 340 B x 465 H mm:)  Leaves bench-space for other tasks. 
  • Professional Milk:  Multiple options from automatic to steamwand to Frankes' FoamMaster™ the way a barista would make it.
  • Water configuration options:  A choice of water tank or plumb direct to water mains.
  • Hygiene:   Patented automatic EasyClean system (optional extra) is exclusive to Franke
  • Multiple Grinder options:   This allows the use of many different coffee origins or blends including a decaf, a monthly special and other.

Capacity* (reference purpose only)


Recommended 70 cups per day 


There are loads of optional extras available allowing you to spec your own machine.  Alternately, leave the specification work to us and we'll spec only those minimal extras you really need .  

Whether you want to 'buy & own' or get a 'machine & bean' deal, message us at or call us on +852 2472 3603.

The prices mentioned within are indicative only due to all the optional extras available.  Please message us to discuss your specification and list of optional extras available.