Cera Natural, by Coffea Diversa 100g

By Redback Coffee

Stunning and rare


The rare Cera varietal is produced by Coffea Diversa, in Biolley Costa Rica. They have the largest private collection of varietals and cultivars in the world, they say "we're not a coffee farm, we're a coffee garden." Brothers Gonzalo + Ricardo Hernandez began farming in 2004, with a focus on growing rare and exotic botanical varieties, with about 250. They are the only place growing these rare varieties for commercial sale. The Cera variety is supposedly the only Arabica variety in the world which has a golden, not green colour after processing.


Cera Washed process is also available for purchase. 


      • Variety Cera
      • Process Natural
      • Region Southern Costa Rica
      • Micro region Biolley
      • Altitude 1,200-1,350 masl
      • Shade Trees Cedar + Avocado
      • Crop 2016


Redback Specialty Coffee sources coffee with seasonality in mind. The small number of coffees we have on offer at a time, is representative of what is seasonal available. Under the guidance of master roaster, and world-class baristas, Scottie Callaghan, the roasting team complete small-batch roasting here in Hong Kong. 


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