BRITA C500 'MIN UP' replacement cartridge only

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Comprehensive Filtration technology Quality and safety:

1 Pre-filtration - A pre-filter traps coarse particles.

2 Mineralisation- PURITY C500 MinUp releases naturally occurring
calcium carbonate for fully developed taste and aroma.

3 Activated carbon - All inlet water is filtered with activated carbon technology, removing any substances that could have an adverse effect on taste and aroma.

4 Fine filtration - At the end of the filtration process, a fleece captures any fine particles.


See enclosed exploded view of the cartridge below.


Combine a BRITA C500 'MIN UP' in series (After) a BRITA C150 Quell ST for crisp & sweet water tastes.  Below is a description of some measurements.,

BRITA C150 Quell ST strips everything out of the water.  In HK drops PH to approx 5.5 @ BRITA head setting 0% by pass.  The BRITA C500 MIN UP then raise PH to approx 7.7 based on the above condition.  By adjusting the BRITA C150 Quell head setting, the PH can be raised to your preferred taste.


Was the preferred water setup used by the winner of the Oct 2021 Aeropress Championship!  

Feel free to contact Redback Coffee 2472 3603 to discuss further alternately make arrangement to visit Redback Roastery where the above systems are setup and operating.  

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