Barista Tamper and mat set

By Redback Coffee


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The ProTamp series tamper offers a professionally weighted (500g) solid stainless steel flat base 58mm tamper, with an anodized aluminium handle. 

Anodizing, or anodising, is an Electrolytic Passivation (Electroplating) process used to increase the thickness and density of the natural oxide layer on the surface. Anodized finishes are generally much stronger and more adherent than most paint platings and powder coats, making them less likely to crack and peel. Anodizing increases corrosion and wear resistance.

Slight colour variations may occur from batch to batch. Set includes one tamper handle and base and one tamp mat. 


Not sure which size tamper you need? Click HERE  for a reference list




The Rhinowares Bench Tamper Mat is made from thick and durable food grade silicone rubber and is the perfect accessory for any tamper. 


Mat Dimensions: 146mm x 206mm.


Dishwasher safe

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