Franke A200 Office Solution

When specialty coffee meets automation...

You, and your office are a better place for it. Redback are pairing the Franke A200 with a custom blend- Cobblestone. By harnessing the fresh, superior flavour of specialty coffee and reliability of automated brewing, good coffee can be had anywhere, by everyone.

The A200

No training is required for your team to enjoy up 36 different types of drink from the A200. The intuitive touch screen guides you through drink selection, cleaning function, maintenance, and most importantly- makes your office coffee a gizzlion times better.

The Package

We've put together a package for your office to keep the whole team happy. It includes:

Demonstrations are available at a cost of $450HK, which is credited if you take up the package. 

Terms & Conditions apply, so let's talk them through. Just fill in the contact form below or give us a call on +852 2472 3603