A mechanical engineer, an economist and a world-class barista walk into a bar… 

Well, unlike the old ‘three men walk into a bar’ jokes, this actually happened! Keith, Craig and Scottie had vision (over some beers) to roast Australian style specialty coffee in Hong Kong. And, in May 2015, Redback Specialty Coffee was born as a full service solution to the cafe, restaurant, office and home coffee markets. No, it wasn’t a drunken whim- rather a natural pairing of skills and timing. Scottie says of Redback-

“we’re passionate about delivering exceptional coffees to our customers. We have a constant and unrelenting focus on selecting, blending and craft roasting the world's most exceptional coffees.”

Director Keith Regan is an economist and strategy consultant with 25 years international business and management experience. He established a cafe in Hong Kong in 2012, and joins the team to drive growth. 

Sales + Technical Director Craig Jackson previously ran the GBC and Danes Coffee in Hong Kong for the last 6 years. Craig has more than 20 years experience working in Asia and has relationships across the coffee community here and abroad. His earlier life as a mechanical engineer means he drives the technical & automated division of Redback.

Directing Redback's craft roasting and coffee operations, Scottie Callaghan is world-class barista, having achieved 3rd at 2010 World Barista Championship, twice winning the Australian Barista Champion 2009 & 2010, and winning the 2006 World Latte Art Championship. He’s also an very talented roaster. Having researched, selected, cupped, blended, measured and for the last 10 years, Scottie says,

“these are my coffees, and I stand behind their quality and blend stability.”