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About Kenya Yara AB Washed

The Farm is located in Kiambu District about 23 Km North of Nairobi bordering Cianda and Windrush estates to the east (the latter being a sister enterprise). A well developed agricultural farm, Yara is part of an extensive belt of large scale coffee and tea farms of the Kiambu District, generally known as Yara Estate covering a total of 640 acres at an average altitude of 1,732 masl.

A British settler to the area, Edward, established the farm in 1902 farming and rearing cattle with the first coffee being planted in 1930. It was then run by settlers of different families until 1971 when Gatatha Farmers Co. Ltd was formed by local residents, who took over the estate. The farm is devoted to coffee and tea growing with coffee beinfg grown at the highest altitudes and tea together with light subsistence farming of dairy cattle occupies lower altitudes. Regional soils are well drained rich loamy reds experiencing around 988mm-1300mm per year. The area host a range of indigenous shade trees while hosting also sort of wild animals such as Antelopes, Hyenas, Porcupines, Squirrels, Anteaters, Monkeys and many others! The estate is currently working on attaining RFA certification.

Origin Kenya / Altitude 1 732 masl Crop Year 2018 / Varietal SL 28 SL 34

Taste Notes:

Tomato l Citrus l Light to Medium l Brown Sugar

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