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Redback is a specialty coffee roaster that is passionate about delivering exceptional coffees to our customers. We have a constant and unrelenting focus on selecting, blending and craft roasting the world’s most exceptional coffees.

Scottie Callaghan directs Redback’s craft roasting and coffee operations. He has researched, selected, cupped, blended, measured and carefully roasted coffee for the last 10 years. These are his coffees, and he stands behind their quality and blend stability.

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Working with Redback

By working with Redback, you will be accessing the very best coffees for your business and your customers.

We can train your baristas to extract (literally) the full potential from our coffee. Only once a café, restaurant or hotel has achieved an exceptional level of coffee quality will we be happy.

Our service team will not let you down. We are available every day and will do everything we can to meet your business’ needs. We can offer advice on, service, repair and loan you equipment to make sure the business is always operational.

With 50 years of coffee, café, restaurant & management experience we are able to advise of the productivity of your business operations. We have established a café where we can train your new baristas and demonstrate how to optimise work-flow.


Our ‘Cornerstone’ blend is a fruit-bomb of coffees that as an espresso with balanced acidity gives off amazing sweetness, plum & blueberry in a clean cup.

Brazil • Colombia • Sumatra • Ethiopia


The ‘Scottie Callaghan’ Signature blend is a personal selection of beans from Africa & South America. It is dedicated to the Aussie baristas who forged specialty coffee in the late 90’s.

Kenya • Ethiopia • Colombia


Single origin

Redback’s Single Origin selections pinpoint specific fruit nuances and flavors only possible from the best microlots.

Selections vary seasonally.

Aricha, Yergacheffe • Llanobonito, Costa Rica • Celso Perez, Nicaragua


Scottie Callaghan

Scottie is a world class Barista (3rd in the World Barista Championships and twice Australian Barista Champion) and an exceptionally talented roaster. Scottie joins the team to design and roast our coffee blends, and ensure the quality of taste in all our partner café’s and restaurants.


Keith Regan

Keith Regan is a strategy consultant with 25 years international business and management experience. He established a café in Hong Kong in 2012, and joins the team to drive growth.


Craig Jackson

Craig Jackson joins having run the GBC and Danes coffee in Hong Kong for the last 6 years. Craig has more than 20 years experience working in Asia and relationships across the coffee community here and abroad.

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